Every once in a while we meet special people in this world. Those who make us laugh, inspire, teach, and love. These people have the unique ability to affect so many throughout a lifetime. Judy Fittipoldi, of Havertown, is one of those people. Whether it’s interacting with her customers at work, playing with her beautiful grandchildren, or simply having a ‘drink-and-a-talk’, Judy has this uncanny ability to simply make everyone smile. 

This past December, Judy was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer, which has spread to her liver, spine, and both legs – not curable her doctor has said, but treatable.  The initial shock has been devastating to her family and community. Since then, Judy has undergone radiation, chemotherapy treatment, and surgery on her left leg. The only concerns Judy has had since her diagnosis has been how her husband will eat, how her kids will handle having a sick mom, how long she will miss work, and the time it will take to hold her grandbabies again. Not a worry about herself – only for others. 

The purpose of this benefit is to give back to one of those special people who has affected us all – to ease the burden and eliminate some stress that is tied to battling cancer. In many cases, these special people (like Judy) are the same ones that are often faced with significant adversity. This time, it’s our turn to make Judy laugh – to inspire her, to teach her to be strong, tough and resilient.  But most importantly, to show some love…

Fittipoldi Family Fund