Thank you for all your support for the #FightingFriths in 2020.  With your donations and comments, you helped the Friths survive the year both economically and emotionally.  The Frith’s are forever grateful for all the ways you have helped ease the burdens of this journey so far. This new year brings a new set of challenges and even greater expenses. With that we have started a new fundraising goal.

Brad’s Story

It’s hard to believe that Brad is coming up on 4 years of living with ALS.  The kids have jumped to 6th and 7th grades and the Friths continue to face this horrific disease head on with courage, determination, a sense of humor and endless love.  Brad is an amazing example, his will to live and his incredible mind for problem solving and technology has allowed him to continue to adjust to every loss and impact on his independence that never quits with an ALS diagnosis. Brad simply rocks as do his family and friends!!  You can catch up on more of his journey at

2021 Expenses

Brad's out of pocket medical care is expensive and it continues to evolve as his needs change. At this time, the cost of Brad's medical care is $635/day which includes his 24-hour in-home care, medications, supplies and equipment.  As friends of the Frith family, we are inviting you to join us in raising $115,500 to help support Brad's medical expenses through July 2021. The funds you donate today will be put to use immediately to support Brad’s in-home care.    

Please support the #FightingFriths to make a lasting impact on Brad's battle with ALS.  Any support that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  

Donations are now match eligible through the D'Angelo Foundation.   Most employers will match the donation amount made, but each company has its own rules regarding the match.  The IRS considers the D'Angelo Foundation a Public Charity.   Once a matching donation has been submitted to your employer, please send the notification to the attention of Wendy Fratrik to Please use this email to ask any questions you may have about the matching process as well.  The D’Angelo Foundation is a private foundation under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions/donations made are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Code.

Beyond financial support, how else can you help? 

Please like, follow, and share Brad's Facebook page and our fundraising efforts with everyone you know that has been touched by the Frith’s over the years. Encouragement can be included in the comments and is much appreciated. #courAgeLoveSupport

Battling ALS takes a village and the Frith family could not continue to fight without you by their side.  Some of you have already been supporting the Frith family for days or years; bringing meals/ groceries, offering to carpool, donating to their medical fund or simply offering friendship, prayers, kindness and love along the way.  Please know that all of your on-going support has been recognized and SO appreciated. 

Frith Family Fund