After a fall in July of 2016, Brad noticed that he was not regaining full strength in his left arm. Brad began consulting doctors and was quickly sent to a neurologist at Penn to determine the cause. In January of 2017, Brad, was diagnosed with ALS.   

Brad, Amy & their three children, Addison (12), Liberty (10) and Henry (10) make a fantastic team, tackling life’s challenges and bringing their infectious laughter wherever they go.  It is this fun-loving spirit and positivity that continues to guide their lives.  It is with this same spirit that Amy continues to tap into to guide her family after the diagnosis. The Frith’s are busy living in the moment with kid’s activities, work, faith, helping one another cope and maintaining their incredible sense of humor.  Their favorite family times are together, cheering on their favorite Philadelphia sports teams.

While Brad continues to remain positive and present, ALS continues to progress taking more and more ability from him.  He is wheelchair bound, uses assistive technology to speak and lots of helping hands to get through each day.  Currently Brad has 16-20 hours a day of in-home care, which will increase to 24hrs/day. In-home care is the family’s biggest expense, as it is all out of pocket and not covered by insurance.  We are thankful for the team that surrounds him and meets his needs.

This site has been set up and many events are being planned, and tons of people are happily jumping in to help.  In the meantime, we are forging ahead to collect donations (monetary, gift cards, baskets, etc) to get started in providing them assistance, so they can focus on their health.  

Some donations are able to be matched through many employers under the D’Angelo Foundation. When submitting the matching gift through your employer, please reference The Frith Family on the match form. 

The Friths are so grateful for this support for their family as they continue to try to remain as “normal” as possible in the most extraordinary of circumstances.   Your gifts will be put to use.  Thank you!!

Frith Family Fund