Meredith Greb, a 33 year old young woman, has always been healthy, active, fun-loving and caring. Ten years ago, she met her fiancé, Mike Faust; it was love at first sight. After patiently waiting, last year he popped the question!  With a June wedding date set at Brookside Manor, and a recently purchased house in Levittown, Meredith and Mike have been solidifying their future plans for a life together.
      This March, however, at her soon to be mother-in-law’s birthday celebration, scared and concerned family members rushed her to the hospital after they witnessed Meredith seizing. After finding a tumor, doctors rushed her to The University of Pennsylvania for an emergency brain surgery. Although she was physically healing and hopeful, the test results came back with the worst news: the tumor was cancerous. Many of us have been affected by cancer; whether we are personal warriors or have watched family/friends fight bravely toward a new “normal.”  Like others, Meredith will continue radiology and chemotherapy treatments in the coming months. Through this most difficult time, both Meredith and Mike have taken leave from their jobs at ETS and STEAM Pub.  It is our mission, that this benefit will ease their financial burden and allows Meredith to focus on her mission: defeating cancer.

Benefit Information

Meredith's Mission

Sunday, May 20 at Steam Pub

1-5 pm 

$35 per person 

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Greb Family Fund