CR Families Helping CR Families

Covid-19 closures have impacted our community in ways we never imagined.  Our community has always come together in times like these in the past so we wanted to provide a connecting platform for those in a position to donate to help those who need us now.  Whether families are experiencing hardship due to illness, job loss, or other Covid related financial stressors, we would like to help in some way.  


The D'Angelo Foundation would like to raise funds to help families, in our Council Rock community, financially impacted by this crisis.  We have partnered with local social workers who will get the gift cards directly to families in our community.  We will also use donations to fund Wrightstown Food Cupboard so they can continue providing for these families.   Kindly consider donating whatever amount you can so that we can provide groceries and other basic needs to these families during this difficult, unprecedented time.   #CRFamilies

The D'Angelo Foundation is temporarily covering some of our credit card fees, but we will need to charge a nominal 5% fee per transaction to help out with the remaining credit card fees.  All administrative fees have been waived during this crisis.