Kelly Morrissey Tulio has Cystic Fibrosis; she was diagnosed at 18 months old. Over the next 41 years she managed to keep this fact mainly a secret, remain somewhat healthy, achieve her MBA and multiple certifications, have a successful career in Finance, get married, have two amazing children, and so much more.  All born, raised, and still living in Willow Grove, PA. Kelly, her husband Dominic (both Upper Moreland High School graduates) and their children have touched the lives of many people over the years.  Kelly has consistently defied the odds, as she is focused, positive, smart, determined, and clearly one of the strongest people you’ll meet.  Most importantly, she’s the funniest person, with the best laugh, & always entertaining!

​Most people are unaware of the health issues Kelly and her family have faced.  Kelly gave birth to their first child, young Dom two months premature.  After 1 month in the NIC Unit, he came home with a monitor for another 8 months.  Her husband Dominic encountered his own health crisis 10 years ago.  While Kelly’s mother, Linda, was losing her long fought battle with breast cancer, they were told Dominic needed a Kidney transplant.  Dominic received a living donor transplant from his mother, Alexis, in what has shown to be a successful surgery, but requires lifelong aftercare.

Kelly has recently decided to begin the process of evaluation for a bilateral lung transplant.  By nature of a bilateral transplant, Kelly will need a cadaver donor, limiting potential matches.  For optimal results, she should be listed at multiple hospitals, but in order to accomplish this, she needs to travel near and far too each hospital for consultations and testing.   These trips alone are extremely costly, let alone the entire process of their next challenging journey, exploring all options for Kelly’s lung transplant.  

The fact is, for years their medical care expenses have been and continue to be unfathomable. They have managed on their own due to the financial planning Kelly handled well and their wise spending on what is now a one income family.  Kelly had to leave the financial career she worked so hard for & loved several years ago to focus on her health and the well-being of her family.  Out of pocket expenses are piling up, & will become unsurmountable before she even receives new lungs.  After the transplant, they’ll have two “patients” in the home requiring lifetime anti-rejection medications, with two young children & increasing everyday living costs.

​As a prideful family, reaching out for help is not something The Tulio’s have ever done.  Her loving family and supportive friends have begged them to let us help, and though hesitant, have finally accepted the offer.  This site is being set up and many events are being planned, and tons of people are happily jumping in to help.  In the meantime, we are forging ahead to collect donations (monetary, gift cards, baskets, etc) to get started in providing them assistance, so they can focus on their health.

​Tulio’s and everyone who knows and loves them, thank you in advance for your help and generosity.

Tulio Family Fund